Photo contest

Our goal is to showcase photographs that show what was actually in front of the photographer. Editing with levels, curves, saturation or going to b/w or tones is allowed but not to extremes that result in 'digital art'.. please keep it natural. Entries may NOT be 'created' by combining images or using elements not originally in your capture. Again, images should not be overly edited. Combinations of photos into one image, digital art images and/or other filter heavily worked images are not allowed.

Our contest

Enter your photos to win LIFETIME GALLERY HOSTING !!! . From now till the end of the month you can enter your images. A winner will be selected during the first week in August. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the good run. Click on the Final Contest link to enter now. Look for our new contest archives and critique section that will reaplce this site next month. Thanks again...